Saturday, March 28, 2009

Happiness is a State of Consciousness

“As one learns to express these creative abilities, he becomes a Co-Worker with God. No matter what comes up. No matter how difficult the circumstances, he finds a way to make the situation a little better. He is able to come out of it a little bit happier than when he went into it.” The Cloak of Consciousness

That was my contemplation seed one morning as part of my spiritual exercise and it got me to thinking. I thought: happiness is where you find it. You make your own happiness. Those are just two examples of what we hear from people and what they sometimes say about happiness—that state of consciousness. A famous blues signer from the 40s sang, “Happiness is a thing called Joe.” Mm, so there you go. But that’s not necessarily where you or I would go to find happiness.

The natural state of Soul is a state of happiness. Personally, I find happiness in the simplest things. It really doesn’t take too much for to me to find happiness or to be happy, remembering that that’s my natural state of being anyway. I derive happiness in seeing my beloved husband, and my friends and family members enjoying a meal that I’ve prepared—even when I’m preparing a meal, I’m in a state of happiness. Seeing someone smile after I’ve said or done something silly or offered encouragement to someone that somehow lifted their spirit or empowered them in some way makes me happy.

When I think of happiness from Soul’s point of view, I recall a summer in my youth. That summer I had quite a lot to be happy about. I was approaching my 13th birthday and I’d be entering high school come September-quite a lot to be happy about. So, I armed myself with all kinds of books and magazines and such. I read my very first novel that summer, a real racy one, The Carpetbaggers. I was so happy—I was becoming a teenager—no longer a child. I was happy—I was almost a grownup, entering a new arena of life, of learning, and anything that I could get my hands on to read, to study, I thought, would help me and so, I spent that entire summer in the basement reading and dreaming.

What I didn’t realize at the time though was that I was soul traveling and visualizing what my life would be like. In that happiness state of consciousness I was being bold and adventurous—intrigue and mysteries unfolded for me. I was truly a happy camper. That was one of the happiest moments of my youth. Then “reality” hit when my mom and aunt would call out to me to “get my head out of the clouds” and join my cousins and the kids in the neighborhood outdoors to play and get some fresh air.

An Ancient Master said that “Soul must be spiritually bold and adventuresome,” and that “the timid never find happiness.” Outside of my revelry, I thought, “I’m not nor ever was I ever like what the ancient Master spoke of Soul being—bold and adventuresome. Instead, I was shy and timid and afraid of life. Yet, at the same time, inwardly, I was preparing myself to begin a life filled with happiness, boldness and adventure.

Today I’m most happy being a student of life, of Divine Spirit under the tutelage of my inner Master, doing my best, being my best, having the best thoughts, everyday, and moment-by-moment, and step-by-step becoming a conscious, happy Co-Worker with Divine Spirit, the Universe.


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